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Why should I rush to receive ABA services for my child?

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is proven to be the most effective therapy for individuals with autism symptoms and challenging behaviors. However research has shown that since infant brains are quite malleable, an early start largely impacts the child's growth and is most effective.This is known as early intervention.

To learn more about the importance of early intervention in ABA follow the link to our blog.

The Importance of Early Intervention with ABA

Where are services provided? 

Empower Kids provides intensive care intensive care to young children at home, at school, at the center and in the community. Each location offers unique benefits for treatment.

  • Home based therapy is a great way for your child to learn important skills needed at home like bedtime routine and how to feed themselves. Empower Kids offers a great toilet training program as well.

  • Center based therapy provides kids with a structured environment where they can learn skills in a group setting. The program includes social skills, language acquisition, behavior reduction, school readiness and play skills. The groups are small which allows your child to receive the support they specifically need.

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